Another Lush Adventure 🐳

Hello lovely people!

Ooh a lush haul, didn’t see that one coming did ya?

Okay, you got me, I’m pretty easy to predict in some cases. It has been 3 months I do believe since my last Lush splurge, and that my friends, had just been way too long.

I am aware it seems a wee bit excessive, but the products last me that long so why the heck not? Plus I know all of us out there love to browse and read reviews on our favorite products so here you are!

I do note, that all of these products are new to me. None of them are a repeat buy and I think that is pretty cool!

January Lush Haul


Oooh, ahh. With the magic of editing I’ve made a very easy to follow chart of wonders!

And, I will list a link to each product at the bottom in case any pop out at you. Just to make it easier and I appreciate y’all so much!

After sniffing my way through the order I was able to identify my favorite scents right away. My top five were: Floating Island (yummy marshmallow scented), Milky Bar (a lovely mix of lavender and orange oil), Twilight (deliciously sweet candy), Karma (orange and patchouli), and lastly, Sex bomb (a sweet, yet floral scent).

This isn’t to say I did not like the other scents, these ones just honestly stuck out the most to me!

The product I am most excited to use honestly is the Golden Handshake hot hand mask. It makes a lot of wonderful promises of softness and moisturizing (hello holy grail), and I am very keen to get me some soft velvety hands.


I’ll be sure to have a wonderful review up as soon as I can!

Thank you again for your time!

Products listed as promised 🙂


Ickle Baby Bot

Sex Bomb


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds


Floating Island

Shimmy Shimmy

You’ve been Mangoed

No Drought


Milky Bath

Cup O’ Coffee

Golden Handshake

Guardian of the Forest



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