Lush Art Collection


I was looking through my camera and noticed one of two things. The first was the sheer amount of lush bath pictures I take, (thus making me realize I may have a teeny obsession) and the second being how much they really are an art form. Call me crazy. That’s what my friends did at least. So I proceeded to pull out my phone and show them these exact photos. Finally I got the ‘wooaaaahh’ I was looking for.
The products themselves, and how they react in water is spectacular enough for me to say, yes they are art. 👍

Bath bombs displayed are:

Lord if Misrule ⭐ here

Yoga Bomb ⭐here

Golden Wonder ⭐here

Yog Nog ⭐ here

Some of these bath bombs (ands many other products) are actually on a ‘buy one, get one’ sale right now, (which of course happens right after I placed my order, lol) just wanted to let my fellow Lush lovers know about the screaming deals 😛

This also means a huge Lush haul/ review post to come!


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