Hello January! :)

Hello lovely people! So happy to be back and writing again on this blog.

As you could probably tell, things got a little nutty over the holidays (as they always do), and this blog has been rather lonely since.

So I am back, and I have a rather fun little post for you! I decided to share a few of my ‘mini resolutions’ with you. Just the fun ones to be honest though, I don’t think anyone cares too much that I’m going to “finally get contact lenses”, or that I am going to “be more active” .

So time to get on with it!

#1. I am going to eat a better breakfast!

Often in the morning it is way too easy to reach for a bagel, or muffin for breakfast. Especially when running late or working quite early like I do.

To kick off this resolution I made myself a really yummy shake today!



My lovely shake today was comprised of:

·         1 Banana

·         1 cup of shake mix (that honestly does not taste good alone)

·         almond milk

·         peanut butter for protein

·         a bit of cocoa mix to ‘aid’ the flavor of the shake  😛

·         and a handful of yummy pecans for added nutty flavor

I was quite pleased with the flavor and it kept me going well into the afternoon!

My second mini resolution is to moisturize more. My hands, my hair, even my feet! I’ve already started by making the switch between my Lush shampoo bar, that works wonders in the summer, and started using a argan oil of morocco shampoo. I just find I need more moisturizing on my hair in the winter. But the lush bar is amazing for the summer when I need a longer lasting wash.



And lastly, I want to do more of what I love and am interested in. Which includes writing more on this blog, and not being shy in exploring things I am curious about. I think everyone should be able to enjoy their passions and not have to hide them.

I like to make these “mini resolutions” because I think it is important that everyone is proud of themselves. Not everyone’s goals are going to match up. Some peoples victories are smaller than others. Some are bigger, but it doesn’t mean one is more important. For example, a person who suffers from social anxiety might find a great victory in making them self go through a checkout, while other people find that to be a simple task. Those little victories should be celebrated as well as the big ones.

I just went very deep into that topic suddenly! Sorry for the tangent guys!

Thanks for reading as usual! You’ll be reading more from me I promise!


You can find this particular Lush shampoo bar here 🙂

And the Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo here 😛

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