Another breaky bowl!

Once again I stared into my fridge with a zombie-like droop to my face early this a.m.  This morning was yet another of those “I’m so hungry, but also too lazy to really cook mornings”. So I whipped together another of my famous “Breaky Bowls”, as I mentioned first here!

I’m pretty much just sharing this because I am a bit of a food nerd and love the way fruit looks haha! 😀

December 015

The holidays have been approaching quicker, and I have been trying to stay healthy before the big splurge.

I chose a delicious blend of Kiwi and mandarin orange, along side whole wheat toast, vanilla Greek yogurt , and topped it all with blueberries and cinnamon!

December 016

Time to dig in! (Sorry if this is a bit boring, I’m just a bit of a food nerd :P)

I am happy to say that that meal kept me going through 3 hours of Christmas shopping! haha!


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