Its been a while!

Hello everyone! I’m back after many busy days! With work, social life, and Halloween all in one bunch its been a busy time. Over that time, I did get the chance to go into the city and get my kicks in shopping and enjoying the city life. With that, I get the chance to gander through all the shops, and discover styles I never knew I could love so much.

Of course while being in the city we stopped at all the usual places (Lush, Bath and Body works, ect.) This time we looked at some clothing too, and stopped by the old Navy. Why not? Good prices and they had festive pajamas so I couldn’t say no.
That’s where I found my seasonal dream dress!


I think it has the most beautiful pattern! I love a good black and pop of color. Not to mention the neckline. It’s like a mix of hippie and prim proper (somehow that makes sense in my head.) The sleeves are also wrist length and loose fitting. (Though they are hidden under my Vero Moda leather jacket :p)

The leaves were the selling point. The watercolor look had me enchanted! I’m going through a real phase where I’m in love with anything that has a watercolor look to it. I honestly think it started when I watched Charlie Brown just before Thanksgiving!

What new fall fashions are you guys getting into right now?
Hope you all had a happy Halloween!


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