Autumn Lush Order 🎃

Hello lovely people!

If it wasn’t already obvious, I recently had a little Lush shopping spree. Wait did I say little? Maybe a tiny bit lush of a Lush spree than I thought (See what I did there?)  :p


What can I say! Tis the season for bathing and skin care. Not to mention, nothing gets me in the seasonal spirit like a trip to the Lush store!

Starting from the top left are my skin and hair care purchases!

💋Mask of Magnaminty face mask
💋93,000 Miles shower jelly
💋Shine So Bright split end treatment

All of these smell like a dream and are so soothing to my skin. My MVP, or Most Valued Product of this group so far is the Mask of Magnaminty. It makes my face smooth as a baby and my skin was instantly healthier feeling, and my pores felt much cleaner.

From the bath section starting from the top left we have:
★Shoot for the stars Bath bomb
★ So White bath bomb
★Tisty Tosty bath bomb
★ Lord of Misrule bath bomb
★ Honey Bee bath bomb
★ Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar 🎃
★ Butter Bear bath soak

I am so excited to use these seasonal products and tell you all about them!

What are some of your favorite seasonal Lush products your excited for?
I’m excited to use my sparkly pumpkin!


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