Thanksgiving Weekend

Over here in Canada we just had our thanksgiving weekend!
Even if I am not quite in the fall spirit, thanksgiving is always the holiday that brings me right to it.
With all the cuddly fall necessities being launched I thought it would be necessary to grab a few of my favorites!


I hit up Bath and Body Works to grab some fabulous candles. All of them smell amazing!
With the help of some of my favorite YouTubers I managed to track down my favorite smells quick as a bunny.

The first one I already had in mind was ‘Sweater Weather’, which didn’t fail to ell amazing! Somehow it smells like sweet apples in fresh air, and a hint of men’s cologne. That is just what it smells like to me personally and I love it!

The second I grabbed is called Autumn, which is quite self explanatory as to why I went right for it. It’s a light fresh scent with a hint of vanilla. Simple as that and so wonderful!

The last one is called ‘Marshmallow Fireside’. Its smells exactly the way it sounds. Deliciously festive! This is one I picked up for my boyfriend since his love of candles is just as strong as mine.

The big treat I got myself was this single wick, to die for, scented candle. It is called ‘Leaves’, and it is essentially the entire fall season beautifully wrapped up in one candle.


  I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend had an amazing time. What is your favorite thing about the holiday if you celebrate it? And to others who celebrate in November, tell me what you look forward to most about Thanksgiving!


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