Old Faithful

I’m sure we all have certain articles of clothing or specific pairs of shoes that we absolutely love. They are well worn and faithful. You know they go with everything and always fit well.


This is one of my ‘ol faithful’ outfits. A favorite for formal events as it is not too busy or showy, but still creative and unique.
The black bra under was a rather cheeky move for this photo. I normally wear it with a white camisole or some sort of bandeau.
Usually as the night passed I tend to roll up the sleeved to make it feel more casual. A strange but handy tip I have for wearing long sleeve and dress shirts.

Shirt: Material Girl- Lovely brand, and I always thought the pattern was brilliant. Somehow old school meets modern art.

Skirt: Unknown actually- Was gifted to me by a family member who frequents thrift stores, and all the tags were cut out. If you have any ideas let me know!
It is a wonderful solid fabric with beautiful  knot buttons on the side to add a bit of texture.

Shoes: Guess- These were my own big find. The one lovely clothing store we had in town was having a blowout sale and I nabbed these for the heart stopping price of $30. They are my trophies.

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