Bath Time Essentials (What’s in my Bath time bag?)

This may come across as an odd thing, but a bath is something I can look forward to all day. Even for a couple days I can lust after a good bubble bath.  I once even stated sarcastically, (but also not-so-sarcastically) that if there was an Olympic sport for bath taking, I could possibly be a champion.

Was that going a little far? Probably not.

With this glorious time, comes a slew of my favorites that accompany me on my pamper fest! Since my bath is separate from my bedroom washroom, I have to pack up what I call my Bath time bag. What is this mysterious Bath time bag you ask? Well my friend let me open your eyes!

With all joking aside it is merely a little bag filled with everything I need for a relaxing bath.


Ta-da! behold my bag of goodies! Lets take a peek shall we?


Starting from the top, I always take the opportunity to really treat my hair when I have a bath. I will usually do a coconut oil mask on my hair to start off the conditioning, and then end with my Aveeno conditioner, or Dove. Also since I have colored hair, I try to keep it vibrant and I use the Loreal color repair.

The second (more tedious) tools to have with me is shaving cream and razors. I like having smooth legs, but I tend to think shaving is a bit of a chore so I always play music to make it go faster. I have also been wanting to look into any Lush products that are shaving creams, or anything of the sort. I’ve come to be quite a recycling queen, and really despise throwing out aerosol cans. Unless there is a way to recycle them? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know of any good Lush products for shaving!

And with that I’m going to segway into my next favorites! I’m busting out my favorite Lush products to really mix up this pamper sesh. But really, who wouldn’t expect that from me.

I have my right hand man with me: my Honey I washed my hair shampoo bar. And my left hand lady: (me trying to be clever) my Fizzbanger bath bomb. Which as of right now is my favorite due to the delicious citrus and apple scent. Its like bathing in apple cider! (If that is somehow an appealing trait)

One important reminder which I’ve recently learned is the importance of drinking water after a hot bath or shower. I always thought, ‘I’ve been sitting in water for an hour, why on earth am I so thirsty? I guess your body sweats out a lot of water and can leave you hydrated. This is just a partial theory of mine, but also I had read in an article, that it is one of the most important times to drink water just as you do when you first wake up and before bed.


Along with my over garnished glass of water, I have my beautiful clay jewelry holder my ever so lovely Aunty gifted to me. And I adore it so much, I just thought it would make the shot so much better!

I hope you enjoyed, And I certainly enjoyed writing this piece! let me know of any favorite Lush products you have, or any bath goodies you love. I am always looking to expand my horizons!


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