Eco Indulgence!

Recently I felt the need to do a little snoop through the cosmetics isle at the local drug store in town. I had no particular item in mind I was looking for, though a stray thought wandered that I was recently in need of a new foundation brush.

Not much scavenging was needed as I came across these ecoTool brushes and instantly loved what I saw:


They are some of the softest brushes, and so lovely to feel on my face.
The best thing is that they are 100% cruelty free and the bristles are made of synthetic materials. The cherry on top is the use of recycled aluminum for the ferrules, and the beautiful bamboo handles!

I bought the blush and powder brush, but the blusher brush does such an amazing job blending in concealer as well. It is a wonderful multi tool! They are stylish and Eco friendly so I couldn’t help but share my discovery. I’ve had so much fun with them creating new fall looks. They blend with no lines and make any foundation feel so light.

That’s my little excitement for the day! Thanks for your time!


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