Oh bubbly adventures!


Oh it is time to rejoice! Fall is upon us. Summer was a lovely season, but after a long drought and not a drop of rain in sight, a lovely rainy night was the medicine we definitely needed!

Funnily enough, the thing I yearned most for through the long months was a long hot bath. Definitely an odd thing to crave in thirty degree weather. Most of the longing stemmed from the fresh order of Lush products I had recently purchased and had then had to neglect due to…well, the lack of water existing in our town.

After happily sniffing through my whole order, and saying a fond hello to some of the re-purchases, I have been able to list off  my top five! (some of which may not be displayed in the picture since they were purchased in Victoria as well around the same time)

So to kick things off!

#5. The Comforter

This bubble bar is the epitome of yummy! It’s as bubbly as it is vivid, with a sweet candy scent to top it all off! while it is delicious, its not my very favorite scent, and I personally found it to be a wee bit too pungent. Nonetheless, it is the perfect companion to start off a girly pamper night! 

#4. Dragons Egg

This particular bath bomb looked amazing on the shelf and the possibilities of the end result were intriguing! The smell was very yummy, but there were not as many colors as expected. While the ‘show’ of it wasn’t what I expected, the smell had me going back to get another.

#3. Phoenix Rising

This bath bomb has a seriously cool name to go along with its seriously cool look! Its caught my eye with its super vivid mix of gold and purple. If the colors weren’t exciting enough the scent had me in love. A mix of cinnamon and what I called the ‘mystery smell’, which I could’t quite put my finer on (later on finding out it was a lovely citrus scent).

#2. Wiccy Magic Muscles

Until recent I treated this massage bar as a simple treat I purchased for myself. The Chai Tea scent of it had me in love. But it wasn’t until the soreness of a long day set into my lower back that the real beauty of the bar came out. i used it on my lower back, and as the spicy cool sensation set in I could drift off into a cozy sleep.

#1. Fizzbanger

The #1 slot definitely tied with a few other products, but due to seasonal appreciation this one won the title! I absolutely love apple scented everything! (especially anything edible, namely crisp, pie ect…) Aside from that, the delicious smell mixed with the little surprise in the center made me a happy gal!

So those are my few favorites out of the bunch! I enjoyed all of my choices, and it was hard to pick and chose which I liked the most. Hope this was entertaining and/or informative!

Happy pampering y’all!


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